Governor: Lt. Gen. (Police) Mark Nypouch Ubang 

Government of Western Bahr El Ghazal

Deputy Governor and Minister of Administration, Local Government and Legal Affairs - Col. Awad Juma Aman

Director General for - John Madut Ucu

Minister for Health - Mr. Ishak Elias Ibrahim

Acting Director General - Ibrahim Eisa

Minister of Finance - Lt. Anthony Udo Awet

Director General for Finance, Trade and Industry - Romano Ucu Lual

Minister of Physical Infrastructure and Urban Construction - Mr. Paulino Adam Naro

Acting Director General for Infrastructure and Urban Construction - Joseph Adu Amadeo

Minister of Education - Col. Valentino Yak Kon

Director General for Education and Sciences and Technology - Hassan Mohamed Hassan

Minister of Agriculture and Animal Wealth - Mr. Edward Ngori Okola

Director General for Agriculture - Robert Selim Kazmiro

Minister of Information and Communication - Mr. Efisio Kon

Director General for Information and Broadcasting - David John Jongo

Minister for Social Development - Mrs. Mary Rose Mariano

Director General for Social Affairs and Rural Development - Martin Madut Ajuang

Minister for Parliamentary Affairs - Taban John Goo

Advisors to the Governor

Political Affairs - Romal Peter Rahma

Economics Affairs - Osman Abdel Karim Ali

Security - James Earnest Makuei

Local Government - Marko Ujumo Ubur

Assembly Business Committees

Speaker – Hon. Andrea Mayar Acho (SPLM)

Deputy Speaker – Hon. Tingo Peter Rebigo (USAP 1)

Chairperson Committee for Education, Youth & Sports, Gender & Women Affairs –Hon. Sabino Kornelio Gilingere (SPLM)

Chairperson Committee for Economy – Hon. Richard Biajo Apai (SPLM)

Chairperson Committee for Legal Affairs – Hon. Pio Joseph Mipi (SPLM)

Chairperson Committee for Information – Hon. John Natale Matondo (NCP)

Chairperson Committee for Agriculture, Forestry and Animal Wealth – Hon. Baptist Sebit Francis (SPLM)

Chairperson Committee for Health – Hon. Ali Yermendi Mohamed (SPLM)

Chairperson for Physical Infrastructure &

Directorate of Contracts, Legal Aid, Human Rights Conventions and Treaties

1. Deputy Director – Jabriel Isaa Awow

2. Third Legal Counsellor – Kuol Agang Dau

3. Legal Counsellor – Majok Ngong Kuel Akoy

County Commissioners

State Headquarters– Costa Orac Mario

Wau – Anthony Charles Brende

Raga – Louis Ramadan Fodul

Jur River – Marko Manut Akec



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