Government of Northern Bahr El Ghazal

                                                                          GOVERNOR: Mr. Malong Awan

Deputy Governor and Minister for Local Government - Victor Deng Ngork

Director General for Local Government – Cleto Akot Dut

Minister of Finance, Trade and Industry – Mr. Riak Wol Atuer

Director General for Finance, Trade and Industry– Lawrence Gop Kuach

Minister of Education – Mr. Kuach Wek Wol

Director General for Education – Salvester Madut Aluk

Minister for Information and Communications – Eng. Unguech Jongkor Unguech

Director General for Information and Communications – Aldo Ajou Deng Maker

Minister of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Development – Mr. Angui Akot Akot

Director General for Agriculture, Environment and Rural Development – Angelo Chan Angara

Minister of Health - Garang Diing Akuong

Director General for Health – Stephen Urio Tong

Minister of Social Development - Mrs. Abuor Gordon Nhial

Director General for Social Development – Salvator Deng Manyuol

Minister for Physical Infrastructure – Mr. Gabriel Guot Guot

Director General for Physical Infrastructure – Kasio Kom Atak

Advisers to the Governor

Economics - Bol Angara Dut

Security - Col. Akot Kiir Ayii

Political Affairs - Mr. Hussein Abdalbagi Akol

Directorate of Contracts, Legal Aid, Human Rights Conventions and Treaties

1. Director – Gabriel Morwel Boc

2. Deputy Director – Deng Cier Rehan Nuer

3. Legal Counsellor – Justin John Aguek

4. Legal Counsellor – Bol Tong Tong Majok

5. Legal Counsellor – Akol Makuei Wengtok

6. Legal Counsellor – Emmanuel John Dol Aliir

Assembly Business Committees

Speaker – Angleo Marach Thiik (SPLM)

Deputy Speaker – Cecilia Awien Majak (SPLM)

Controller of Assembly –Deng Majok Athian (SPLM)

SPLM Caucus – Angelo Akec Aken (SPLM)

Chairperson for Appointments – Jarvis Juma Ulum (SPLM)

Chairperson for Governance – Khamis Fedhalla Tong (NCP)

Chairperson for Services – John Atak Garang (USAP)

Chairperson for Finance – Lawrence Lual Lual (SPLM)

Chairperson for Security – Garang Kon Kon (SPLM)

Chairperson for Legal Affairs – Deng Deng Yaja (SPLM)

Chairperson for Members Affairs – Deng Deng Yaja (SPLM)

County Commissioners

State Headquarters– Albino Madhan Anei

Aweil West– Charles Dut Akol

Aweil East – Manok Mareng

Aweil North – Monica Nyibol Aleu Jok

Aweil South – Wol Abun

Aweil Centre – George Awath Wol    

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